What is PiFan99?

Official Name : The 3rd Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival(PiFan99)
Organized by : The Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival (PiFan)
Organizing Committee
Supported by : The City of Puchon, The Kyonggi Province, The Motion Pictures Promotions

Corporation of Korea, The Korean Film Archive
Brief Introduction : The city of Puchon will open the third Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival on July 16th of 1999 and carry on the festivities until July 24th. PiFan is the only international fantastic film festival in Korea. PiFan is an overall non-competitive film festival focusing on the main themes of Fantasy, Romance and Adventure Program.

The City of Puchon : The city of Puchon is the nearest city to Seoul (30 minutes by subway and car) and is only 15 minute drive from Kimpo International Airport, therefore making it the gateway to the world. It is also connected to the rest of Korea by 5 major express ways and has a perfect network of subway lines running through it.

Population : 800,000
Area : 53.45 Sq. Km.
Staff : Mr. Kyu-Myung KIM - Festival Chairman
Mr. Hong-Joon KIM - Director of FestivalProgramming
Mr. Moo-Sang LEE - Director General
Ms. Cassandra YOO - Programmer
Mr. Chosin ZEONG - Programmer
Contact Information : The Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival HQ Office
2Fl, Boksagol Cultural Center, 394-2 Sang-1-dong,
Wonmi-Gu, Puchon, Kyonggi-Do,
Korea 420-031
Tel : 82-32-3456-313~4
Fax : 82-32-3456-315

The 3rd Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival

Official Sections :     Puchon Choice (Competition, 8 films, 4 categories)
*  Winners  *
Best of Puchon : Chosen by the Puchon Choice Jury
Jurys Choice : Chosen by the Puchon Choice Jury
Citizens Choice : Chosen by the viewing audience
Netizens Choice : Chosen by the audience via Internet

This year's Puchon Choice Section :
1. Between Your Legs (Manuel Gomez-Pereira) - Spain
2. The Blair Witch Project (Daniel Myrick, Eduardo Sanchez) ? USA
3. Channeling Baby (Christine Parker) ? New Zealand
4. Cube (Vincenzo Nathali) ? Canada
5. Frozen (Dan Berk) ? USA
6. Progeny (Brian Yuzna) ? USA
7. Siam Sunset (John Polson) ? Australia
8. The Sleepwalker (Fernando Spiner) ? Argentina

World Fantastic Cinema
Thirty feature films from 13 countries will be in the
World Fantastic Cinema Section.

Fantastic Short Films
Over 45 Short films magnifying the future of fantastic
films are waiting to be discovered.

Korean Cinema Showcase
Korean box office hits like "Art Museum by the Zoo" as well as
controversial films like "Yellow Hair" are included in this special
look at Korean cinema.

New Zealand Fantastic Film Retrospective
Focusing on the importance of fantastic films of New Zealand.

Puchon Choice Jury :       This year, we will once again be joined by internationally renowned filmmakers
                       who will grace us with their presence.

James B. Harris (U.S.A., Director, Chairman of the Jury)
Komatsuzawa Yoichi (Japan, Film Festival Director)
Kang, Su-yeon (Korea, Actor)
Rick Yune (USA, Actor)
Delphine Chuillot (France, Actor)

Festival Lady