The 2nd Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival Results Fact Sheet

    Official Sections :     Puchon Choice (Competition, 8 films, 4 categories)
    *  Winners  *
    Best of Puchon : Samurai Fiction (1998, Japan, Hiroyuki Nakano)
    Jurys Choice :  The Arcane Enchanter (1996, Italy, Pupi Avati)
    Citizens Choice : The Unfish (1996, Austria, Robert Dornhelm)
    Netizens Choice : Alexander (1998, Korea/Japan, Kanemori Yoshinori)

    World Fantastic Cinema
    Fantastic feature films - never before screened in Korea - from
    the four corners of the world.

    Fantastic Short Films
    Short films from young and promising directors whose films
    embody the spirit of fantastic cinema - originality, personal
    vision, and unmeasured talent.

    Korean Fantastic Cinema
    "New Works"
    Three debut films from directors who are now at the forefront
    of Korean Cinema.

    A look at Korean fantastic films of the past.  

    Korean Cinema Retrospective
    Re-discovering "Teen flicks" of the '70s and '80s.

    Puchon Choice Jury :       PiFan98 welcomed 5 world-reknowned filmmakers to join us as members
                           of the Puchon Choice Jury.
    The jury list is as follows :
    John Berry (U.S.A., Director, Chairman of the Jury)
    Nobuhiko Obayashi (Japan, Director)
    Clara Law (Hong Kong/Australia, Director)
    Manuel Gomez (Belgium, Director)
    Sung-Ki Ahn (Korea, Actor)

    International Guests :       Over 60 guests from 14 countries came to PiFan97 to join us in our
                            celebration of Fantasy, Romance and Adventure.  
       (in alphabetical order)

    Hirohide ABE, Yasushi AKUTAGAWA, Antonio AVATI, Chris BERRY,
    Freddy BOZZO, Alejandro BRODERSOHN, Hector CARRE, Nacho
    CERDA, Dale CORLETT, Kate DAIN, Robert DORNHELM, Eddie L.C.
    FONG, Manuel GOMEZ, Alex GORINA, Rob GREEN, Kirsty HAMILTON,
    Masato HARADA, Seiji ITAKI, Tomomi KATSUKA, Akiko KAWASE,
    Takenaka KUMIKO, Mijeong LEE, Asako MAEDA, Penelope MALFILATRE,
    Maruyama MASAO, Hisao MASUDA, KiKi MIYAKE, Genji NAKAMURA,
    Hiroyuki NAKANO, Yukiko OKAMOTO, F.J. OSSANG, Pederico OSTROESKY,
    Kiyomi OYANAGI, Rin Taro, Pierre RISSIENT, Jean-Michel ROUX, Niklas
    ROY, Yoshitaka SAKAMOTO, Hitomi SATO, Yasue SATO, Mika SEPPALA,
    Jaana SILTALA, Masakatsu SUZUKI, Hiroyuki YAMAGA,
    Akira YAMASHITA, Yoshinori KANEMORI ....

    The Facts :             An audience of 80,000
            380 Press articles published in Korea
            Covered by 26 programs on public T.V. stations, 23 programs on
           cable T.V. stations and 18 programs on Radio stations nationwide
            Official Catalogues, Guide Books :95,000 copies total
            Festival Dailies : 10,000 copies/day (6 days)
                What is PiFan99?

    Official Name :  The 3rd Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival(PiFan99)

    Organized by :   The Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival (PiFan)
                      Organizing Committee

    Supported by : The City of Puchon, The Kyonggi Province, The Motion Pictures Promotions
                   Corporation of Korea, The Korean Film Archive

    Brief Introduction :  The city of Puchon will open the third Puchon International Fantastic
    Film Festival on July 16th of 1999 and carry on the festivities until July 24th. PiFan is the
    only international fantastic film festival in Korea.  PiFan is an overall non-competitive film
    festival focusing on the main themes of Fantasy, Romance  and Adventure Program.

    The City of Puchon :    The city of Puchon is the nearest city to Seoul (30 minutes by
    subway and car) and is only 15 minute drive from Kimpo International Airport, therefore
    making it the gateway to the world.  It is also connected to the rest of Korea by 5 major
    express ways and has a perfect network of subway lines running through it.

                                    Population :  800,000
                                    Area :     53.45 Sq. Km.

    Staff :                         Mr. Kyu-Myung KIM - Festival Chairman
            Mr. Hong-Joon KIM - Director of FestivalProgramming
            Mr. Moo-Sang LEE  - Director General
    Ms. Cassandra YOO - Programmer                
    Mr. Chosin ZEONG - Programmer   
    Contact Information :      The Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival HQ Office
                                    2Fl, Boksagol Cultural Center, 394-2 Sang-1-dong,
                                    Wonmi-Gu, Puchon, Kyonggi-Do,
                                    Korea 420-031  
                                    Tel : 82-32-3456-313~4
            Fax : 82-32-3456-315