New Zealand Fantastic Retrospective

     One may describe both New Zealand and Korean cinema as existing on the 'peripherals' of the global film scene, far from Hollywood. The history of the New Zealand film industry began in the late 70s with the  establishment of the New Zealand Film Commission, a state-sponsored agency. Despite its short history, New Zealand filmmakers have steadily produced quality films for the past two decades, and have shown a strong presence at both film festivals and markets. Among their efforts, Jane Campion's Piano, Vincent Ward's What Dreams May Come, Peter Jackson's Frighteners, Lee Tamahori's Once Were Warriors and Scott Reynold's The Ugly were released in Korea with critical acclaim and box-office success.Fantastic genre films have always been a significant part of New Zealand cinema. PiFan99 presents five New Zealand fantastic films in a special retrospective section. We may say that PiFan99 intends to reflect upon the way a national cinema maintains its unique cultural identity, by gazing from one 'periphery' to another.